In A Relationship

What do you want in a relationship?

Whether you’re single or dating, what do you want in a relationship?

Positive Qualities to Live By and Look For

Here are eight positive qualities to strive for; but equally important, you should look for these qualities in your choice of boyfriend/girlfriend. Be sure to read the “Opposites” in this list, and if your boyfriend/girlfriend sounds more like the opposite than the quality, you might want to re-think the relationship.

1. Honesty

Always truthful. Never lies, deceives, steals, or takes advantage of the trust of others. (Opposite – dishonest, insincere)

2. Respectfullness

Treating others and their property with care, honor, and respect. Never rude, abusive or malicious. (Opposite – disrespectful)

3. Generosity

Giving to others. Thinking more of someone else’s needs rather than your own. (Opposite – greedy)

4. Perseverance

To have confidence that you can do what you set out to do and then to finish what you’ve started in spite of adversity. (Opposite – a quitter)

5. Authenticity

To be sincere, genuine, true, and reliable. (Opposite – fake, unreliable)

6. Loyalty

A personal commitment to support, protect, and defend family, faith, friends, teammates, school, and country, even under pressure. (Opposite – unfaithful)

7. Justice

Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. (Opposite – treating others unfairly)

8. Patience

Calmly waiting. Putting up with pain, troubles, difficulties, and hardships without complaining. To wait or persevere without losing heart or becoming bored. (Opposite – Impatient, I want it now!)

Sometimes we have to have some bad relationships to realize how important these qualities are, and sometimes we know instinctively that these good qualities are missing.


Here’s Nicole’s story:

When I was 13 years old I had this boyfriend who I thought I loved. So one day I asked him to come over to my house to just hang. When he first got there he was chill and didn’t really do anything, but after an hour or so we started making out and stuff and he told me since we have been dating for 3 months we should have sex.

I told him no I was not ready. Then he said if I loved him I would just do it. I still said no. A few days later he broke up with me, and after 3 months I found out he was dating my best friend and she was having his baby. I was not shocked at all. I knew one day that he would end up being a teenage dad. I’m 15 now, and I am with my 17-year-old boyfriend and have been for 1 year now. We both plan to save sex until we are married. I’m so glad I made the choice I did because I know I would not be where I am to day if I didn’t.