Self Improvement

Spring is a great time to clean out the clutter. This will enable you to keep the good relationships and throw out the bad ones.  Consider our list of decluttering techniques to help you make healthier connections.

1. Be ok with just you.  Are you someone who always finds yourself in one relationship after another without any time to process between relationships? Spring is the perfect time to take inventory of the qualities you possess that make you great.  If you don’t know who you are, you put yourself at serious risk for being molded into what someone else wants you to be.  And let’s be real, nobody wants that!

2. Get rid of the one night stands.  If you are serious about relationships, you will stop the hook ups.  You know, the ones where the attraction is only physical and you know from the first hello that this isn’t going anywhere past tonight? Not only will this help you steer clear of STDs or a potential unplanned pregnancy, but it will also send the message to the right guys that you find worth in what you can offer.  Which brings us to…

3. Know your worth.  If you’ve been treated poorly in the past, it can be tempting to slip back into negative relationships simply because it feels familiar. However, making this choice sets you up for hurt and failure right from the beginning. Stop telling yourself there is something in your life that makes you not deserve friendship, kindness, respect and genuine love. Instead, remember that you’ve been uniquely, purposely and beautifully created.  It really is true!

4. Physical Environment. Your physical environment is your home, work, and car. Decluttering your environments means tossing out the junk and keeping what you want to keep. It really is that simple! Keep what you need and what makes you happy! Rule of thumb…if you haven’t used it in a year, you’re probably not going to. I’m just sayin’.

5. Money. Decluttering your finances requires healthy spending and saving habits. Decluttering makes you address overspending or living in the dark when it comes to your financial picture. Money is a tool that is necessary for you to live your life. Be smart and responsible in the way that is important to you. Knowing your limits is key! Seek out professionals if you can’t do it on your own.

You must take an honest look at your life. In what areas could you use a little decluttering? What needs to change to help you live your best life and be your best self? If you want change in your life, you must take the first step!